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The Johnson Insurance Law Group, LLC
Complex Insurance Risks Counseling & Litigation

Litigating Coverage, Self-Insured Risk And Subrogation

We guide our clients to resolve their claim and avoid needless litigation.Yet, often it is necessary for our clients to litigate their rights in state and federal courts.We have litigated in the courts across this country with great success, and upon winning at the trial level, we have those victories affirmed on appeal.We have developed relationships with experts across the country in multiple disciplines and with attorneys in nearly every major city across the country. Our understanding of engineering principles allows us to quickly and accurately determine the effective cause of loss, prepare winning coverage and litigation strategies, and present convincing evidence at trial.

When litigation is necessary, we:

Major businesses often cover a significant measure of their exposure through self-insured retentions that often are substantial.We handle the prosecution of our client’s self-insured interest against other liable parties while simultaneously addressing the defense of the insured. In doing so, we make sure our client’s insurers will provide coverage when each insurer’s limits are triggered.Additionally, where our client has an interest in the outcome of subrogation, such as when an insurer’s subrogation is in violation of its contracts or when our client has a substantial self-insured retention or deductible that becomes joined with an insurer’s subrogation interest, we represent our client in those recovery actions.