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Complex Insurance Risks Counseling & Litigation

Proactive Coverage Counseling

Every business faces unique insuring needs involving a diverse and complex set of insurance coverages. Significant gaps in one’s insurance coverage may occur when the complexity of coverage placement leads to an unintended lack of coordination between the varying types and layers of policies procured. Our team’s extensive experience enables us to provide a comprehensive analysis of each client’s insurance program in conjunction with that client’s contractual obligations under the applicable state and federal laws that impact their business. We provide clients with a review of the broker’s recommendations on the scope of insurance coverage needed for their business.

We provide our clients:

We also identify critical gaps or lack of congruency among their insurance policies that create significant unwanted exposure for their business. We understand our clients are sophisticated businesses with talented corporate counsel so our intention is to supplement, not take over the role of corporate counsel advising clients on their business contracts. Corporate attorneys have not repeatedly litigated insured loss and insured liability. We have. Our strength comes from our more than 29 years of specialized experience litigating the insurance coverage battles that follow a disastrous property loss or liability event. We know the integral structure of an insurance policy’s terms and exclusions and the critical interaction among contract, tort and insurance law. This knowledge helps us determine the ultimate rights, defenses and liabilities of insureds, including when and how such rights are preserved or waived. Our knowledge is more than academic. For decades we have been advising clients and litigating multi-million dollar cases around the country before a wide variety of state and federal courts.