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Strategic Counseling When Loss Or Liability Occurs

Many insureds mistakenly presume the stages of claims handling following loss are simplistic. A labyrinth of unexpected pitfalls awaits the naive or ill advised when a major loss or liability event occurs. A single misstep can result in loss of all coverage or a significant reduction in benefits. Poorly reasoned strategies regarding partial-loss solutions, mitigation, extra expense, or expediting measures can result in major operational setbacks, even forfeiture of insurance coverage rights. Every state has separate laws that govern the claims process following a loss or liability event. Our knowledge of state laws combined with decades of experience in resolving major claims drives our clients’ success.

When a loss happens, we:

For major property losses, we apply all the necessary tools to address the disaster. We have exceptional industry-specific and engineering knowledge for major commercial property losses of every size, kind and origin. On behalf of our clients, we engage highly experienced forensic engineers, forensic accountants, adjusters, estimators and industry-specific experts. This collaboration allows us to promptly analyze the cause, scope and extent of our client’s property loss, business income loss and extra expense loss so we can efficiently recover their insurance coverage benefits allowing them to resume full operations. When major liability events occur, myriad insurance policies can be triggered for various types coverage insuring different levels of exposure. Sometimes liability events trigger multiple policy years involving both “occurrence” and “claims-made” policies. Understanding how each of these coverages will or will not respond compared with all other available liability policies is critical to navigating the best course to maximize coverage. We analyze the tort, contract and statutory liability exposures facing our client, its employees, agents and directors and officers. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the liability facing our client, its defenses, cross-claims, counterclaims, and the application of all the insurance coverages that it has procured. When the carrier assigns defense counsel, we fully monitor that counsel to protect our client’s interest. We also guide and structure settlement negotiations when the insured’s liability exhausts the limits of insurance.