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Latest News

Georgia – Waiver/Reservation of Rights

Georgia Court of Appeals Weighs in on Reservation of Rights And the Right to Recoupment for Non-Covered Claims.

Georgia – Reservation of Rights

Georgia Supreme Court  Nullifies Rights Reserved In Declination Letters.

Georgia – Diminution in Value

Georgia Supreme Court extends diminution in value recovery to commercial property loss claims.  

Georgia – Subrogation

Georgia Court of Appeals confirms that subrogated insurer does not need to wait for insured to be made-whole before pursuing its subrogation claim.

Georgia – Right to Participate In Trial

Georgia Supreme Court reverses lower courts’ decision to keep severely injured plaintiff from attending trial.

Texas – Defective Construction Claim

Fifth Circuit interpreting recent Texas Supreme Court decision finds contractual liability exclusion in CGL policy negates coverage for construction defects to insured’s own work.