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Construction generally speaking encompasses a variety of issues including the building of residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, the construction of infrastructure such as sewers, roads, bridges, and tunnels, as well as specialty trades such as welding, concrete, painting, electrical work and plumbing. As a result of the various facets of the industry and the individuals that play a role in construction, from the design and planning, to the site preparation, construction and finish work, losses in large complex construction projects can trigger coverage under a variety of insurance policies and coverages including Commercial General Liability, Builders Risk, Commercial Property, E & O and sometimes Environmental Liability. Our coverage attorneys have had experience with nearly every facet of insurance coverage procured in relation to a construction project. Additionally, due to the breadth of our practice, our insurance lawyers have relationships with construction, forensic, accounting, engineering and architectural experts in the southeast and across the country that assist in the analysis and litigation of the various types of construction coverage claims that arise.