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Maritime operations involve everything from the port warehousing operations, loading and unloading of vessels, navigation of vessels in state and international waters and all loss, damage or injury to stevedores, vessel, crew, passengers and cargo during all of these maritime related operations. Losses in the Maritime industry can implicate insurance claims under a number of insurance policies, including Marine Liability policies, Marine Hull policies, Commercial General Liability policies and Commercial Property policies. Our insurance lawyers have extensive experience with the insurance coverage issues that abound in this area and the defense of liability for these losses. Our attorneys counsel clients and litigate insurance coverage under numerous liability and property policies specific to the marine industry, including but not limited to: Comprehensive Marine Liability, Tower’s Liability, Terminal Operator’s Liability, Stevedore’s Liability, Ship Repairer’s Liability, Charterer’s Liability, Wharfinger’s Liability, Excess Marine Liability and Bumbershoot coverages, the Taylor Hull form, and Protection and Indemnity Clauses.