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Complex Insurance Risks Counseling & Litigation


For air, sea or truck transportation, our attorneys have both defended carriers from liability and litigated insurance coverage related to a variety of cargo and property damage cases under Motor Truck Cargo liability policies, Ocean Cargo Liability policies and Air Freight liability coverages. Our lawyers handle transportation claims, arising in goods moving intrastate, interstate or internationally that can involve contractual efforts to limit liability under a package or weight limitations as found in bills of lading, warehouse receipts, invoices, and other contract documents subject to state law, federal law and regulations, and international treaties. Our insurance and defense attorneys have experience handling these claims under state law regimes, Carmack (interstate transportation issues), COGSA (Carriage of Goods at Sea Act), and various international conventions covering air and sea transportation of goods worldwide such as the Hague-Visby rules, Warsaw Convention, Montreal Protocols or other international conventions.