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Complex Insurance Risks Counseling & Litigation

Types of Losses

Property Insurance: As lead counsel we have handled major property losses of nearly every type. Real case examples: 

  • Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) & Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) losses
  • construction defects in completed facilities and large commercial buildings
  • natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, lightning and earth movement
  • explosions of industrial plants, chemical plants and pipelines
  • accidental and arson fires
  • collapses of buildings, roofs, bridges and mines
  • earth subsidence and sink holes
  • water intrusion through roofs, walls and window systems
  • cargo loss during ocean, air, truck and rail transit
  • marine hull loss
  • damage to gantry cranes and construction cranes
  • damage to marine terminals
  • loss to bulk materials in storage or transport
  • loss of warehoused property, farm animals, agricultural food products, forest products, timber, specialized industrial equipment, man-made specialty materials, high value machinery, computer systems, fine art, computer data and intangible property
  • boiler ruptures and equipment failures
  • fidelity risks
  • and where significant, loss of non-commercial real and personal property.


Liability Insurance: As lead counsel, we have handled a wide variety of coverage litigations and/or handled the defense or prosecution of all types of insured liability exposures. Real case examples:

  • liability arising from wrongful death, brain damage, limb loss and paralysis
  • products liability from industrial machinery, chemicals and goods
  • products liability from retail machinery, equipment and consumer goods
  • liability for the errors and omissions by lawyers, doctors, engineers and architects
  • liability for libel and slander, trademark and advertising disparagement
  • director and officer liability of profit and non-profit organizations
  • liability of insurers, brokers and agents
  • liability of commercial businesses to invitees and trespassers
  • environmental liability from industrial plants, chemical plants, petroleum operations, pollutant disposal and from accidents involving pipelines, motor carriers and trains
  • liability for serious bodily injury and death arising from maritime accidents, oil rig accidents and long-shore operations
  • liability from intrastate and interstate trucking accidents
  • liability from industrial accidents
  • civil liability for rape and violent criminal attacks
  • and where significant, liability arising from personal automobile, boating and other personal activities.