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Greenhouse Hailstorm

A company in Nebraska built one of the largest greenhouses in the country to grow hydroponic tomatoes. The greenhouse was fabricated with heavy glass panels. A violent storm with golf ball-sized hail obliterated the glass ceilings of the greenhouse causing significant damage to the structure and the plants growing inside. The company’s insurance policy stated an exclusion for coverage of stock and growing plants. At issue was whether, in light of the exclusion, the insured could base its business income loss on the time required for a new crop of plants to reach maturity. The insurer engaged The Johnson Insurance Law Group’s attorneys to address that issue as well as other questions regarding the policy coverage. We filed suit in Nebraska to determine whether the broker, wholesale broker or insurer had erred in not insuring the plants. We aggressively pressed discovery of the broker and wholesale broker, disclosing their omissions in placing the insurance. We swiftly filed a motion for summary judgment, which forced an early settlement of all claims on terms favorable to the insurer.