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Marina Liability

During a corporate outing at a Georgia marina, a metal bridge collapsed and pinned an individual. The injured person was lucid and told she would not survive being cut free of the metal. She endured intense pain and emotional injury saying goodbye to her family and friends before passing away when she was cut free. The marina owner engaged The Johnson Insurance Law Group’s attorneys to oversee every aspect of the multi-million dollar wrongful death liability exposure. We interviewed witnesses. We also counseled and prepared the employees, officers and directors for discovery and depositions. We pushed defense counsel and the liability insurer not to place the case into a “standard defense” and to instead follow a strategy that would protect the client liability in excess of the insured limits by guaranteeing that the insurer would remain liable for any judgment in excess of the client’s insured limits. We then worked to structure a settlement that was funded by the insurer, ultimately protecting the financial viability of the marina.