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Boiler & Machinery

Boiler and machinery insurance, also referred to as equipment breakdown coverage, provides coverage not only for boilers, but any machine that generates electrical power, for example, generators, motors etc. Boiler and machinery insurance also extends coverage to the surrounding area to protect against exposure from fire, explosions, and violent mechanical breakdowns. The policy may also provide for business loss, and some types of Boiler and Machinery Insurance also cover damages to neighboring properties and pay for setting up of temporary arrangements for running the business.

The equipment breakdown policy of today covers certain core groups of equipment. One group is comprised of electrical systems, which can represent a major component of a building’s total value. A wide range of electronic equipment or equipment that has some type of electronic component is also covered. Transformers, electrical switchgears, motors, voltage regulators and generators; as well as all types of business equipment which is more electrical than mechanical in nature, like computers, fax machines, copiers and telephone systems; fit into this group.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling equipment breakdown claims and have experience with claims involving equipment used by a wide variety of commercial enterprises including the construction, milling and manufacturing industries.