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Builder’s Risk

Inland Marine policies are used to cover a wide array of risks including building construction risk, large equipment risk or other personal property risk where the property is subject to movement. Inland Marine policies therefore can be seen associated with construction activities, crane operations, or other commercial equipment exposures. Perhaps the most significant area of this practice is insurance coverage related to Builders Risk policies for commercial structures such as high-rise buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, government buildings, structures and bridges. Builders Risk coverage applies during the course of construction and can be provided by standalone policies, large project OCIP program policies or provided as endorsed coverage on large corporation blanket property policies. Due to the increasing frequency of construction related litigation, both during and after construction, our lawyers are asked to handle an increasing number of Builders Risk coverage disputes and litigation. Those coverage litigations, where the allegations broadly assert damage during and after construction due to defective construction, can involve the interplay between Builders Risk policies, Commercial Property policies and Commercial General Liability policies. Our insurance attorneys have strong experience in all these types of coverage and insurance disputes. Our Builders Risk coverage litigation often involves the insurance rights, tort liability and contractual obligations of the owner, general contractor, sub-contractors, architects and engineers.

Our knowledge and familiarity with forensic engineering and construction loss analysis and industry construction practices gives us the ability to efficiently analyze the legal issues involved in Inland Marine policies and to bring in suitable experts with industry specific knowledge when needed. Significant loss of income and extra expense issues are commonly addressed in these cases. Because of our insurance and defense attorneys’ in handling a variety of Builders Risk claims, we are in a position to understand and evaluate the unique issues that arise in Builders Risk coverage disputes.