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Claims-Made Environmental Liability

During the early 1980′s to the mid-1990′s as insurance or defense counsel we were involved in the initial wave of environmental cases that were tried throughout the country as the result of Superfund clean-up actions. The insurance coverage litigation usually involved historical and long-term releases that triggered many years of commercial general liability (CGL) policies that had been issued to corporate America by insurers in the United States and abroad. Our lawyers have continued to defend environmental liability and handle CGL environmental coverage litigation involving varying types of specialized and time restricted environmental liability coverages.

We have been engaged in these environmental litigation cases on the coverage side and defense side dealing with our clients’ exposure to long term industry contamination of land or water, unauthorized dumping, environmental releases from dump sites, pipe ruptures and pipe leaks, trailer tank accidents, underground tank leaks, fires and explosions and other industry occurrences causing either sudden or long term environmental releases resulting in property damage and claims of bodily injury.

Serving as lead insurance counsel we have advised clients and represented them in litigation involving CGL policies issued over the last 50 years, modern claims-made environmental liability policies, environmental impairment policies and specialized manuscript environmental liability policies at the primary, excess and umbrella levels of insurance in both the state and federal courts in multiple jurisdictions.