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DIC Policies

Difference In Conditions policies provide coverage for commercial property against perils not insured against in a standard commercial property policy, i.e., flood and earthquake, or in a construction project context, it provides coverage to fill the gaps in coverage between a policy provided by the project owner and the contractor’s policy.

The Johnson Insurance Law Groups’ attorneys have extensive experience addressing coverage provided by DIC policies inside and outside of the construction project context. Our attorneys have experience in addressing and litigating coverage for property losses arising out of a wide spectrum of causes, including negligent design and engineering, negligent construction, collapse, fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, sink hole, wind/rain storm and hurricane. Our representation of clients has included addressing complex business interruption, extra expense, soft costs and bad faith coverage issues.

Though their experience, our attorneys have gained in-depth knowledge of different industries and have developed relationships with forensic, accounting, engineering and industry specific experts across the country that specialize in large commercial property losses.