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Directors & Officers Liability

Today Directors & Officers (D&O) policies provide essential liability protection to both profit and non-profit organizations of any significant size. These policies provide defense and indemnity protection to officers and directors against alleged wrongful acts performed in their capacity as an officer or director. It has been said that D&O coverage insures “behavior” because it is often the decisions of officers and directors that lead to claims. Our insurance coverage attorneys have experience in the coverage issues associated with Side A, Side B and, when provided, Side C coverages of the D & O policy. As insurance lawyers we recognize that D & O policies often vary considerably from one insurer to another, and often reflect manuscript changes for different size and structures of organizations. The law across the country is not well developed in the area of D & O policy interpretation/construction, and therefore our depth of insurance doctrine and policy knowledge is necessary and beneficial in litigating coverage and providing legal advice on how courts are likely to rule on D & O coverage disputes.