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Warehouse Legal Liability

Warehouse Legal Liability insurance provides warehousemen liability coverage, during storage and warehouse operations, for damage to property in their custody, care and control. Usually, the policies require that the property be accepted by the warehouse under a written contract or a warehouse receipt. Warehousemen are exposed to claims of liability for, among other things, property that is physically damaged during the operation of the warehouse, for inventory shortages, mysterious disappearance and for theft of property while being stored or on the warehouse premises. Our firm has significant experience handling warehousing claims arising from theft, fire, flood, lack of refrigeration, roof collapse, missing inventory, mysterious disappearance, damage during handling, insufficient facility maintenance, trailer theft and a variety of other causes. We have experience not only with analyzing the insurance coverage related to warehousing risks but also the contractual agreements through which the warehousing services are provided and the limitations on recovery that can be associated with such warehousing agreements, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and invoices issued for the goods stored.